Managment Policy

VISION statement

Become a leading supplier worldwide in the water & power markets

MISSION statement

To provide the water and power markets with best value, high quality customized, environment friendly solutions with high commitment towards after sales services to achieve the best customer satisfaction


Our basic principles and commitments as below in order to progress our mission and realize our vision

  • Satify the needs of our customers with best products , value and services
  • Offer the best integrated customized solutions and turn key projects
  • Offer the best high-tech and high efficiency products
  • Continuous Increase for the range of our products
  • Provide promotion and marketing of our products
  • To be in a respectful relationship with our competitors.
  • Provide permanent training for our of highly experienced, qualified employees
  • To be constantly in a communication and cooperation with our suppliers
  • Offering environment friendly products and most efficient solutions


Our group of companies targets to offer products and solutions environmentally-conscious,  protect and provide stability balance of the natüre.
For this purpose,  our policy is determine our environmental aspects, keeping under control our environment effects with observing environmental law and regulations, with reducing these effects, we constantly improve our environmental performance and would like to expand this consciousness among our employees, in order to leave a clean environment to the next generations. Our activities to implement our policy

  • Satify the needs of our customers with best products , value and services
  • Follow legal requirements for products and solutions which held part at environmental protection law and regulations and provide constantly development and improvement, with caring our domestic and foreign clients demands and needs
  • Make co-operation with our customers,  to encourage all our employees, suppliers care about the environment
  • Apply energy saving measures and choosing the lowest raw materials products and the re-cycled materials , to protect the natural resources.
  • Take care for hazardous and non-hazardous wastes which occur after installation and maintenance activities, by recycling, reducing amount of our wastes and separate them at their resources and using appropriate technologies and materials to avoid environmental pollution.
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