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Water and other liquids pumps

Submersible water pumps

Pressure Boosting pumps

Sewage and wastewater pumps

Renewable energy pumps

Special pumps

Sanitary pumps

Dosing and disinfection

Diesel driven pumps

Fire fighting pumps

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Generating sets

Water treatment stations

Control Systems

Networks accessories and fittings

Pipes & Cables

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High voltage motors


Power Transformer

Solar pumps

Wind turbine pumps ,Combined system

Our language is life,we speak water & power

Water and energy the resources for living :
WATER is THE VITAL RESOURCE FOR THE EXISTANCE OF humankind While population is increasing steadly, the water resources are decreasing for the humankind , the WORLDWIDE Water consumption has doubled in the last 5 decades and Nowadays, 1/5 of the global population is in need of fresh water And in 20 years the average water supply per person will drop by third of what it is today and half of the worldwide population will be in survival of water. Water treatment and Distribution is the most crucial aspects in saving water, and using the best products with the best experience in supplying and commissioning in water systems is the key to have efficient & clean water supply, and we believe it is our social responsibility as to do what it is necessary to stand against this challenge for the survival of mankind:

While World Energy Consumption has deep implications for humanity's social-economic-political sphere. data from 1990 to 2008 shows that the average energy use per person increased 10% while world population increased 27% and thus many people worldwide are in need for energy and many societies are not getting the enough energy for their growth, Regional energy use also grew from 1990 to 2008: the Middle East increased by 170% while the world overall grew by 39% which make the middle east market , the biggest market around the world , Total world energy supply is distinct from actual world energy usage due to energy loss. For example, in 2008, total world energy supply was 143,851 TWh, while end use was 98,022 TWh. Energy loss depends on the energy source itself , the distribution and transformation systems used , and we believe it's our challenge to use the best engineering methods to deliver the enduser the highest possible energy and the lowest consumption products :

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